Aikoushin is a system that teaches Budo.

Budo (武道) is a Japanese term describing modern Japanese martial arts.  Literally translated it means the "Martial Way", and may be thought of as the "Way of War".

The core elements to our system include the following – Japanese Jujutsu, Goshin Jutsu, Keijo Jutsu (Jo, Tanjo, Tonfa & Kakushi Buki Jutsu), Yawara Bo Jutsu & Nunchaku Jutsu.


In essence, as we progress through our Martial Arts training, we should seek to find an approach that works best for ourselves. We make no pretensions about being the best Martial Art or having all the answers but are willing and open to learn from any one and any style.


About Aikoushin Budo

Aikoushin Budo first became an idea by Dave Baker in 2000 when Dave had the honor of becoming
the Head Instructor for then a small Jujitsu group called Freestyle Jujitsu (FSJ founded in 1989), then
part of FAOGB and a known branch of ex TJF Instructors (the 2 Neil’s – Neil Godbold & Neil Lindsey).


2005 we became a small but international group having then earned the position of changing the
name to Aikoushin Kobujutsu Renmei (or Aikoushin for short) changing name again in 2009 to Sekai
Aikoushin Kobujutsu Renmei (SAKR) which we remained under the banner of SAKR until 2015, when
we merged into Dentokan (then headed by Hanshi Roy J Hobbs), after a few years we decided to go back to our own association of Aikoushin, thus renaming our small group to simply Aikoushin Budo.

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