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Martial Arts Study Groups


We are part of

Sentou Renmei, BMABA & IAOMAS

& Governed by 2nd Edge Development

We are an Independent group that study & practices the following:

Ju Jutsu, Aiki JuJutsu, Kobu-Jutsu & Goshin-Jutsu.

We are open for schools and Associations that wish to join us and learn / develop the groups training. if you are interested in learning more about us just enter you email below and we will get back to you.


- Access to members only area

- Part of the family and respected group of martial artiest

- Access to Aikoushin own weapon syllabus and information

- Grading available to members that meet requirements

- Much more 

For more information on joining please chick HERE

Aikoushin is merged with 2nd Edge Development, a UK Training provider in CPD (ref: 776668)

Insurance via British Martial Arts & Boxing Association  

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