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Sentou Bujutsu

Tuesday - 21:00 until 22:30

Held at: -

Oakley Fitness

Chatsworth Parade

Petts Wood, Kent


In modern history usage, 

bujutsu translates as martial artmilitary science, or military strategy depending on context, and is typified by its practical application of technique.

Sentou (meaning battle, fight or to combat), is the name given to what Simon Palmer teaches, it is a multiple systems (not MMA) of martial arts that Simon has studied over the 40+ years of training.


In essence it is a true system of Budo. 

Kick Boxing

Thursday - 20:15 until 21:15

Held at: -

Oakley Fitness

Chatsworth Parade

Petts Wood, Kent


One to One

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Why not learn on a more private one to one (or small group) basis, learning from an instructor of high regard who has been a highlighted instructor on the following events: -

     - Martial arts Expo

     - Martial Arts Show

     - Hyper Japan

     - Kaizen Martial Arts Expo

To name a few.

Lessons in the following

     - Sentou Bujutsu

     - Kick Boxing

     - Weapon systems

     - Self Defence

     - Japanese Jujutsu 

     - Japanese Ground Work

     - Goshin Jutsu

     - Karate 

     - Personal Training / development

     - much more

If interested in the public or one to one training just complete the below form or contact Simon via the below form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Want to talk in person or text? then call: -

07854 597394

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